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In 2018 the CT Sports Management Group, Inc. will be running three separate Pickleball Tournaments: the CT Masters' Games, Nutmeg State Games and Nutmeg Fall Classic. We will attract over 700 participants plus family members, friends, spectators and the media to the three tournament. We expect players from all over the Northeast Region and other states to attend. The increase in popularity and the growth of Pickleball throughout the USA creates a tremendous opportunity for your company to showcase its products.

Connecticut Sports Management Group, Inc. (CSMG.org):

CSMG is a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation dedicated to managing the two largest amateur multi sport Olympic-style sporting events in Connecticut: The Nutmeg State Games and the CT Masters’ Games. CSMG also manages the following annual events; the Nutmeg High School Football Weight lifting Competition, Northeast Football Showcase, Nutmeg Basketball Coaches Clinic, Nutmeg Fourball Golf Tournament and the Nutmeg Holiday Basketball Festival.

The Connecticut Sports Management Group Inc. believes that participation in athletics provides opportunities to develop leadership qualities such as hard work, self confidence and mental and physical toughness. We also believe competitive athletics lays the foundation for positive lifelong habits that contribute to a healthy life style and teaches team work, sportsmanship and respect for others. The “Games’” include participants from all religious, racial and socio- economic backgrounds and opponents are not determined by demographics. We encourage the camaraderie that develops through the common bond of athletics, and an appreciation for the Olympic spirit that make the Games successful.

Tournament Details:

How Your Support is Mutually Beneficial:

MORE THAN JUST A GAME: Personal Development, Sportsmanship, Physical Fitness, Teamwork, Volunteerism.

Your sponsorship support will ensure that we provide our participants with a tremendous experience that will leave lasting memories, increase the opportunities and  growth of Pickleball, while educating attendees about your company through pertinent email marketing campaigns, web based ads and onsite engagement. Your organization has the opportunity to gain substantial visibility by becoming a part of our "Family of Sponsors".

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We are eager to work with you to explore how we can best support your sponsorship goals and objectives. Please contact us and let us know which of our sponsorship opportunities is the best fit for your company.

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